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We focus entirely on the individual processes in your company in order to design the most suitable software solution for your marketing organisation. Whether it’s individual functions, transparent planning overviews, integration into the existing tool landscape and efficient collaboration within the marketing team. All this supported by an intuitive, reliable and customised software solution!


“We have grown beyond a standard product after our many years of experience. Our customers are looking much more for an individual software solution that is completely tailored to their requirements in strategic marketing and campaign planning. This is what we, doubleSlash, stand for as a digitalisation expert & IT service provider”.

Jochen Herdrich // Senior Business Consultant Digital Solutions & IoT

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Jochen Herdrich
Jochen Herdrich
Senior Business Consultant Digital Solutions & IoT

+49 7541 70078-767

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Digitalisation of your marketing workflows

Digitalisation and control of marketing activities with individual software that is fully tailored to your processes and needs. For greater efficiency in routine tasks and more creativity. This is mostly in the professional context of:

  • Campaign planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Strategic trade fair planning
  • Operative marketing controlling

Your individual marketing planning software

Your requirements are individually coordinated and implemented on the basis of a best practice technology stack. Medium-sized and large companies in particular benefit from maximum flexibility through:

  • Implementation of your individual requirements within the framework of a project
  • Replacement of your proprietary Excel planning sheets
  • Integration into your IT infrastructure and tools you already use
  • User independence
  • Your own design/branding and desired URL

Focus on transparency and cooperation

You get full transparency in the decentralised cooperation of your marketing across locations, departments and markets – without cumbersome Excel tables. Best practices here are in the areas of:

  • Storing budget data and their cost centres
  • Cross-functional cooperation made easy through responsibilities and allocation (e.g. by regions, target groups, channels or product segments)
  • Monitoring and reporting via automated traffic light status, flexible export and BI tool connection
  • Reminders, notifications and alerts
  • Adaptation of planning templates

Reliable and simple to use

A solid technology stack offers you everything you need. This is what you can count on:

  • No unnecessary functions
  • 100% customised to your requirements and needs
  • A partner with more than 10 years of experience in this field
  • Ideal for a large user base
  • Worldwide and location-independent web-based usability
  • Flexible user and notification concept
  • Software made in Germany and ISO 27001 certified

A typical case in the day-to-day of a marketing manager

The marketing manager of a large company is faced with the challenge that all the relevant planning data of strategic and operative marketing planning are spread throughout the company (e.g. in Excel, MS Project, e-mails, media databases, briefings, minutes or telephone calls).

This information and data have to be agreed to and processed by many colleagues across departments and locations. This results in unclear responsibilities, inconsistent planning statuses, high search efforts and inefficient planning processes.

To alleviate these problems, he is looking for a software solution that:

  • is individually adapted to the company,
  • can be used across departments,
  • enables transparent campaign planning and
  • collaboration on all projects in his marketing region.


Modern software development: With best practices to sustainable, scalable solutions (in German)

Good reasons for an individual marketing planning software

  • A central platform for all the relevant planning data, media and files:

    • no long searches

    • status and responsibilities at a glance

    • efficient reconciliation in a central tool

    • no more shared editing of Excel sheets

  • Individual realisation of functions, user groups and master data

  • Easy integration into your IT landscape via interfaces to BI tools, Excel, Adobe, ERP, etc.

  • Unlimited number of users and accounts through user-independent licence

  • Multilingual implementation

  • Software made in Germany

  • More than 10 years of experience in the implementation of marketing planning projects

  • User-specific views and filters (favourites)

  • Your own design/branding and desired URL

  • Detailed rights & roles system

  • Versatile notification functions

  • Available as SaaS or on-premise solution

  • Can be used worldwide and securely as a web-based solution

  • Tailored to your needs



Do you need a clear dashboard that provides you with the latest information about ongoing campaigns? An overview of the distributed budget or who did what and when?


Simply let us know your individual requirements and we will work with you to ensure that they are implemented in line with your ideas!

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What our customers say

"Planning processes in Excel are not sustainable. With doubleSlash’s individual marketing software solution we now have a tool that brings standardisation and transparency to our strategic marketing planning. The agile adaptation of the software was the right decision for us. In the end, a tool was created that was 100 per cent adapted to our internal processes and is fun to work with..“

Melitta Arkossy // Project management // Messe München GmbH

“The word that was used least of all during the Campaign Planner project was ‘no’. All of the CSS Group’s requirements and wishes were successfully implemented. We particularly appreciated doubleSlash’s flexibility in responding to our requirements and their smooth, agile fulfilment with adherence to all of the milestones. The campaign planner is successfully in use and has made our campaign planning much more efficient. […]”

Martin Heimberg // IT Project manager // CSS Gruppe

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Tested and certified for use in your company


Which individual solution do you need for your marketing?

Tell us what you need. We will be very happy to help you – from non-binding information to an individual proposal.

Your contact

Jochen Herdrich
Jochen Herdrich
Senior Business Consultant Digital Solutions & IoT

+49 7541 70078-767